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Punk Rock Premium Drum Loops

Punk Rock Premium Drum Loops

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650 high quality Drums Loops recorded on a real acoustic drum in a professional studio!


Listen to the extract from the pack on SoundCloud!

Are you missing solid, fast and powerful rhythms to compose very angry Punk Rock? Look no further, with this pack of premium drum loops, you have the choice to finally unleash your creativity and unleash your biggest guitar or bass riffs.

- No less than 650 drum loops and 110 one shots in 44.1 khz WAV format

- 465 MB of files

- All recorded on the same battery for consistency. A Pearl Export Standard 22.

- Recorded in a professional studio

- Several rhythm variations including intros, fills, outro, breaks, etc...

- Several tempos ranging from 100 to 280 BPM

The drums are the essential instrument that lays the foundations of a song, even more so in Punk Rock. But not everyone is good at wielding drumsticks or has a room and equipment for quality recording.

This pack is particularly dedicated to guitarists or bassists who wish to produce their compositions from A to Z, but do not know how to play drums or do not have the means to record them. These quality samples and drum loops will give you the missing element to accompany all your creations. High quality recordings with real acoustic drums for a truer-than-life sound.

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